Hello, we are Katie, Paul and Jasper Guerin. In September 2019 we packed up our lives and hit the road for full time travel around Australia.

After a 4 year journey to create our family and long hours spent working our corporate roles we started to wonder if there was a better way. After Jasper was born our perception of what really mattered changed and we realised our most precious commodity was time. We wanted to create more time together as a family, and spend our days sharing experiences and making memories to last a lifetime.

What seemed like a crazy idea at the time set in motion a 2 year plan to pack up our lives, downsize our ‘stuff’ and explore this great country of ours travelling Australia full time in a caravan.

It is the best decision we ever made, and over 3 years later we are still loving exploring this incredible country and living in our tiny home on wheels.

Each week we produce an episode of our Family Travel Australia series for our YouTube Channel and free to air TV, as well as a weekly Podcast that showcases destinations and experiences around Australia, together with our daily lifestyle.

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This is the Road Trip Guide we wished we had before we hit the road!

The Ultimate Road Trip Ready Guide is your one stop shop for planning and preparing your travels around Australia. 120 pages of detailed information, tips, hacks, checklists and printable templates that will absolutely add value to your experience. If you’re planning your own big lap of Australia, grab a copy of our downloadable eBook today, all for less than the cost of one night’s camping!