Choosing Your Pump Kit

What’s the difference between the ‘universal’ and ‘high flow’ pump kits?

At Adventure Pumps we have designed two original water transfer pump kits based on our personal experience in the pump industry and living on the road full-time. We’ve considered various caravan and RV water tank & filling systems and the best water transfer pumps available for transferring water quickly & reliably. The Universal pump kit is designed for suitability across the widest range of caravan and RV water tank filling systems through using our flow control capable filling adaptor which can fill tanks with a 12mm (1/2 inch) diameter inlet or larger that are free from inlet obstructions such as mesh gauze materials etc IE where our filling adaptor can be inserted.

Our High-Flow pump kit is a higher-flow pump which is suitable for Caravans/RV’s that are fitted with a 25mm (1 inch) drain line from the water tanks that’s terminated with a 25mm ‘F’ Type camlock fitting. The clever folks at Jayco supplied our own Journey Outback caravan with this system and many Jayco vans are fitted this way making our high-flow kit a great option! Due to this unique plumbing arrangement, we use this relatively large diameter drain line for rapid tank filling from the bottom of the tank up which worked so well and fast for us on our own big lap!

Note: if you don’t have the Jayco style drainline and would prefer to use our High-Flow pump kit, please check with your Caravan/RV manufacturer to see if a drainline is suitable or advisable for your situation to ascertain if it’s feasible to convert your system.

How do I decide what pump kit will be best for me?

If you will be filling your tanks using the standard tank inlet method provided by your manufacturer IE the top-down filling method either via the small diameter inlet behind a plastic lockable door typical on most caravans or the large inlet usually secured by a lockable cap on most motorhomes then the universal pump kit is best for you.

If you own a Jayco caravan fitted with a one-inch drain-line terminated by a ‘F’ Type camlock or you can convert your van to this system then you can take advantage of our High-Flow pump kit with the advantage being a slightly faster tank fill….just over one minute per 20 litres versus around two mins for the Universal Pump Kit.

*Both pump kits are supplied with additional fittings to facilitate tank filling (using your own existing potable water hose) from containers secured to your vehicle or caravan.

How does the pump connect to my caravan or camper trailer water tank

For the UNIVERSAL KIT there are two methods of tank filling connection. The first is by simply clicking our flow control capable filling adaptor onto the end of the supplied two-meter potable water pump discharge hose and inserting the adaptor into your tank filling inlet adjusting flow as required to reduce spillage. The second method is to fit the supplied universal tap nut adaptor directly onto the tank inlet (not all caravans/RV’s are suitable for this method) and then connecting the supplied two-meter pump discharge hose to this adaptor. Transfer of a 20-litre water container typically takes under two minutes using this method, longer if you add your own potable water hose.

For our HIGH-FLOW kit, the supplied camlock fitting pre-fitted to the end of our 1.5 meter potable water pump discharge hose is simply connected to the Jayco supplied ‘F’ Type camlock fitting on the caravan. Due to the 20mm (¾ inch) pump discharge hose and the 25mm (one inch) drain-line on the caravan tanks, a 20 litre water container can be transferred into your caravan/RV in just over one minute!

What liquids can this pump kit be used for?

Potable water and salt water.

In emergency or survival situations the pump can also be used for creek-water transfer however due to the untreated and highly variable quality of natural water supplies we don’t recommend routinely using such water sources especially without boiling the water. Debris from the creek can also potentially block/damage the pump!

At Adventure Pumps we are currently focused on designing and hand manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable potable water pump kits available however our kits can also be used for salt water (Boating) and diesel transfer situations such as Agriculture, camping etc or anywhere that diesel transfer is necessary. Further design work is required to bring to you high quality boating and diesel transfer pump kits in the future. IMPORTANT NOTE: The current pump kits are not suitable for diesel.

Can I use the pump for petrol?

No. Adventure Pumps transfer kits must only be used with water.

WARNING: DO NOT use pump for petrol, petroleum products or any products with a flash point below 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit).

A customised pump kit for diesel transfer will be designed and tested thoroughly before being made available to the market in the future.

Can I get my kit delivered to a caravan park?

Yes. Here’s what we’d recommend…The Pump kit price includes standard Australia post satchel delivery Australia wide with express postage at additional cost should you require it. We will post your new pump kit to any Australian residential or business address or for in-field delivery whilst you’re on the road we suggest using the Australia Post service called ‘My Post’ ‘Parcel Collect Service’ (see link below) which worked so well for us. You can simply change your post office address while travelling to any post office Australia wide that offers ‘Parcel Collect’ service so for this option, please provide us your ‘Parcel Collect’ when you order our pump kit and we will send it there for you.

*We aim to dispatch your new pump kit within 48 hours of ordering from either of our Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Gold Coast locations and for any urgent orders we will attempt to post your kit within 24 hours! Note that we are an online only business so visiting us at the above-mentioned locations is not possible.

*You will receive an order confirmation at time of order placement.

Do you sell your pumps individually IE not in kit form?

At Adventure Pumps we design and test COMPLETE water transfer pump systems so as a result we don’t sell our high-quality pump individually. We do however offer both of our complete kits with or without our high-quality canvas bag because we recognise that some customers want to purchase the complete kit at the lowest possible price and or want to use their own bag or other method of keeping the pump system clean and dry.

What is the difference between a ‘Continuous Duty’ and ‘Intermittent Duty’ pump and why do Adventure Pumps only supply continuous duty pumps?

We’ve worked for more than twenty years helping all sorts of people solve all sorts of water related problems so naturally we’ve learned a thing or two about pumps and water supply systems and what works best! These two technical terms relate to how the pump is designed and more specifically how long the pump is designed to run for. A continuous duty pump, as the name suggests, is designed to run ‘continuously’ without causing damage or shortening the life of the pump motor. An intermittent pump on the other hand is designed to run for shorter periods of time after which the pump should be ‘rested’ so as to cool the motor before pumping is resumed. At Adventure Pumps we only use ‘continuous duty pumps’ so that no matter what your pumping job you can get it done and move on without needing to wait for your pump to cool down. Some pumps on the market that are similar to our pump may be ‘intermittent duty’ and need to be rested after 20 minutes of pumping for an ‘equal period of time’. You pay slightly more for a continuous duty pump but it’s well worth it!

*Our continuous duty pump can also be run dry for short periods of time such as when moving from one water container to the next however it should not be run dry for longer periods of time.

Kit componentry

From time to time, depending on availability of hoses and fittings at a given time, we may need to change suppliers to build our kits and therefore hoses and fittings could change in colour and type as required. We will never compromise on quality though and given our long-term industry experience we know what to buy and where to buy it from to ensure that cheap and/or inferior products don’t find their way into our pump kits.

Do you supply your products outside Australia?

Although we predominately supply the Australian market we will consider shipping to other countries so feel free to send us an enquiry and we’re happy to discuss.

How do I clean my Adventure Pump?

If you would like to clean your Adventure Pump simply wash with a very small quantity of dishwashing liquid in cold or Luke-warm water and then dry in the sun or by hand.

Can I convert my Adventure Pump to Anderson plug or cigarette lighter power sources?

Yes, we offer power conversion options in our webstore, simply select the option required when ordering your pump kit and we will ship the product converted for you!